Baltic Valuation Conference 2020


The Baltic Valuation Conference 2020 was planned for June and then postponed to November due to corona. But watching the development the organizing committee was not sure if in November a face-to-face meeting would work – not only to find a room for the number of colleagues we hoped would join the conference, but also if colleagues would take the risk (or be allowed) to travel at all.

So considering the pros and cons we came to the conclusion to do our first virtual Baltic Valuation Conference. To keep everyone comfortable we decided to split the presentations to 2 afternoons (2020, November 19th and 20th), each time from 2 pm until 5 pm.

And of course the current happenings are reflected in the choice of topics by adding a third topic. So now you have the choice between:

  1. Valuation of an apartment with comparison method (data of the flat can be downloaded on
  2. Rights and burdens on real estate and their influence on the value
  3. Pandemic caused influences and impact on the real estate market in your country. Are there differences in submarkets like retail, office, multi- or single-family-houses, apartments, agriculture/forests etc.?

Attached you find the invitation with more information, registration form, deadlines and a short questionnaire about your opinion to the impact on the real estate market (for a short overview) as pdf-file.

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